Arizona State Standards for Science


Second Grade: Riparian Rascals

  • S1-C1-PO1: Formulate relevant questions about the properties of objects, organisms, and events in the environment
  • S1-C1-PO2: Predict the results of an investigation (e.g., in animal life cycles).
  • S1-C2-PO1: Demonstrate safe behavior and appropriate procedures (e.g., use of instruments, materials, organisms) in all science inquiry.
  • S1-C2-PO2: Participate in guided investigations in life, physical, and Earth and Space sciences.
  • S1-C2-PO3: Use sample tools such as magnifiers and nets to collect data.
  • S1-C4-PO1: Communicate the results and conclusions of an investigation (e.g., verbal, drawn, or written).
  • S4-C2-PO1: Describe the life cycles of various insects.
  • S4-C2-PO3: compare the life cycles of various organisms.