Arizona State Standards for Science


Third Grade: Water Bug Naturalist

  • S1-C1-PO1: Formulate relevant questions about the properties of objects, organisms, and events of the environment using observations and prior knowledge.
  • S1-C1-PO1: Demonstrate safe behavior and appropriate procedures (e.g., use of instruments, materials, organisms) in all science inquiry.
  • S1-C2-PO3: Conduct simple investigations in life, physical, and Earth and space sciences.
  • S2-C2-PO1: Describe how in a system (e.g., pond) with many components, the components usually influence one another.
  • S4-C3-PO1: Identify the living and nonliving components of an ecosystem.
  • S4-C3-PO2: Examine an ecosystem to identify microscopic and macroscopic organisms.
  • S4-C3-PO3: Explain the interrelationships among plants and animals in different environments.
  • S4-C4-PO1: Identify adaptations of plants and animals that allow them to live in specific environments