Arizona State Standards for Science


Fifth Grade: Foresters

  • S1-C1-PO1: Formulate a relevant question through observation that can be tested by an investigation.
  • S1-C1-PO2: Formulate predictions in the realm of science based on observed cause and effect relationships.
  • S1-C2-PO1: Demonstrate safe behavior and appropriate procedures (e.g., use and care of technology, materials, organisms) in all science inquiry.
  • S1-C3-PO1: Analyze data obtained in a scientific investigation to identify trends and form conclusions.
  • S3-C1-PO1: Explain the impacts of natural hazards on habitats (e.g. global warming, flood, fire).
  • S3-C1-PO2: Propose a solution, resource, or product that addresses a specific human, animal or habitat need.
  • S3-C1-PO3: Evaluate the possible strengths and weaknesses of a proposed solution to a specific problem relevant to human, animal, or habitat needs.