Native Herb festival

All about herbs!

Learn from the experts about growing native herbs, herb crafts, and the magical medicinal properties of herbs. Organic herbs for sale, local herbalist vendors and food!


Saturday, June 27th

  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • $17 members; $20 non-members


Day of event update: Tickets for the Native Herb Fest are available at the door. See you there!



2015 Classes

Darcey Blue:
Making Exquisite and Healing Medicinal Herbal Teas
In this hands-on workshop we will discuss and learn the secrets to blending herbal tea formulas that are as delicious as they are effective.  We will learn techniques to indentify the top, middle and bottom flavor notes, how to use the 6 tastes, how to incorporate flavorful and unique ingredients, and how to decide proportions of various herbs in tea formula, which can be significantly different than tinctures when formulating for flavor and effect and the dynamic nature of plants when harmonized and combined.  Darcey Blue has specialized in creating handcrafted, unique and exquisite tea blends for 10 years as a clinical herbalist and believes deeply that sometimes the best medicine is the one that brings us pleasure and sensual delight. Plant medicines have been delivered in water as tea and decoction for far longer than tinctures have been made, and one of our most powerful healing tools as herbalists can be the time honored and ancient tradition of herbal teas.  Part herbal energetics, part sensory awareness, and part kitchen witchery- the art of exquisite tea blending.


Darcey Blue:
How to Listen to Plants
Plants are wise and loving teachers, and their gifts are always available to us when we learn to listen with our Heart and our Mind to learn directly from the plants themselves.  Listening to plants is not a skill that is only for shaman or master herbalists.  The plants speak to those who open to them. Together we will talk about what it means to connect with and listen to a plant, how to get into the right state of mind to listen, and how to figure out what a plant is sharing with you.  This is a hands on workshop where we will actually practice the skill of listening to plants.  Darcey has been sharing the skills of understanding and listening directly to the plants with students of all skill levels since 2009.  The plants reliably and consistently DO share with even beginners to this kind of practice.  We will use tincture, flower essence, plant attunements, and drumming meditations to connect with plants around us.  Please bring a notebook/pen and your open mind and heart. 


Suzanne Teachey:
Ten Essential Herbs for Your Home Apothecary
Learn about ten essential herbs that are a must for every home medicine chest. Learn how to use these gentle and effective herbs for common ailments—simple indigestion, headaches, colds, fevers, and more. With the information you learn in this class, your home medicine chest will be transformed into your own home herbal apothecary.


Suzanne Teachey:
The Folk Method: Creating Your Own Herbal Extracts
Learn to make your own herbal extracts and infused oils using the “folk method,” a traditional process you can do in your own kitchen using simple tools. Reclaim the knowledge of your ancestors and empower yourself by turning wild and garden herbs into herbal medicine you create at home.


Feather Jones, Clinical Herbalist:
Wild Plant Walk

Come experience the flavors and aromas of our local plant allies.  Discover how easily you can bring herbs into your everyday life as wild foods and medicines.  Bring a camera, water and notebook and be prepared to enjoy the time meeting your botanical neighbors.


Feather Jones, Clinical Herbalist:
High Desert Plants ~ Jewels of the Southwest
This class emphasizes the high desert plants of northern Arizona off the Mogollon Rim, southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Of the state's nine plant zone communities, the high desert surrounding the Verde Valley holds seven. With such diversity, a plethora of botanicals can be discovered. Generations of usage give us clear indications for each species, with or without the science. Feather's talk will focus on the drought deciduous, drought evading and drought resisting plants. A desert materia medica includes preparation methods, plant survival techniques, specific indications, flower essences, cautions, possible contraindications and formula synergy as well as the ethnobotany, patient practice and personal usage.


Mike Masek, Community Herbalist:
Pine Resin Salve Workshop
This workshop is a hands-on learning experience showing how to harvest resin from the tree and turn it into a useful and wonderfully aromatic skin salve.  Background information will be shared on the role of resins in the plant world and how this relates to herbal medicine.


Jon Helleson:
Yucca: Parts I & II
Lost in the woods and need food, matches, shoes, a basket, soap, and rope?   You’re in luck! Join me on a fun, hands-on session about the uses of the very common desert plant- the humble, but incredibly useful yucca. During the first session, after teaching you about the edible and medicinal properties of this plant, we’ll use the leaves to weave into rope, as well as learn how to make sandals, bags, and even nets!  Want to impress your Neanderthal friends at your next barbeque? On the second session, you’ll learn how to starting a fire from scratch- using just friction! We’ll teach you how to carve both the traditional hand-drill and bow-drill set from the flower stalk of a yucca, and guide you on how to use each one to create enough friction to make a coal which will start a fire!


Using Traditional Food Preparation Methods for Modern Healing
Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA
We will explore fermentation/culturing, soaking, sprouting, low-heat dehydration and bone broths as traditional food preparation methods for modern healing.




Booth/Vendor List:

Lisa Viada: Massage Chair
Mike Masek-Forager’s Path School of Botanical Studies
Feather Jones-Sedona Botanical Tea Blends
Darcey Blue- Products
Suzanne Teachey-Nectar Apothecary
Kim Helfinstine-Desert Mountain Botanicals
Arboretum at Flagstaff-Native Plants
Thunderfoot Earthworks: Seeds
Erika Mark: Lumenrose Jewelry
Jon Helleson: “Living Wild” curriculum

Please call (928) 774-1442, ext. 124 for more information