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Julie Heisterman
Arizona Plein Air Painters
Plein Air Painters of Northern Arizona


Cathi Borthwick and Sharon Richards
Pieter Schaafsma


Kay Stratman


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After the Rain

Julie Williams is a nationally known printmaker living in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Her woodcuts are skillfully detailed and beautifully executed. Her landscapes and botanicals capture the feeling of place, time and her love for the natural world.


(Pictured on left, "After the Rain")

The Arizona Plein Air Painters (APAP) is a statewide fellowship of artists who are dedicated to practicing and promoting the tradition of painting outdoors.  The organization works to protect public access to landscapes and historic areas within the State that are important to this tradition.

(Pictured on left a painting by Toni Perrin, of APAP)

The Plein-Air Painters of Northern Arizona (PAANA) are a group of artists who gather monthly in different locations around Flagstaff to paint in the open air.

Five years ago blacksmith Cathi Borthwick and fiber artist Sharon Richards decided to see what would happen if they combined their disparate mediums into an art piece. A lot of fun and an intriguing new art form were the results and so they have continued to create their collaborative pieces. Their August exhibit at The Arboretum will feature their latest works celebrating the world of nature.

(Pictured on left, "Mountain in the Making")

Pieter Schaafsma grew up in the artist community of Taos, New Mexico in the 1960's-70's where his mother was an artist who influenced him with her paintings using oil, watercolor and pen and ink.  He has lived in the American Southwest and traveled thoughout the region drawing the sights that he has seen.  Growing up in Taos allowed him to be influenced by the many local artist and galleries of the area. 

Kay Stratman graduated in art from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, beginning her art career as a graphic designer in Minneapolis, where she also studied Asian painting. Her focus now is a contemporary expressive interpretation of all things wild, with a hint of Asian influence. Kay lives in Jackson, WY, exhibiting nationally, teaching and interpreting wild landscapes with spontaneous brushstrokes of vibrant watercolors on gold and silver shikishi boards.