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What’s Happening Now

Milkweed for Monarchs

Our main objective for this project, funded in part by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is to collect local varieties of milkweed and then propagate them in seed production beds here at The Arboretum. From here, the seeds generated will be made available to the public and landowners for their restoration and gardening needs.

Ultimately, we aim to increase the amount of native milkweed around Flagstaff to make a more hospitable place for the Monarch butterfly.

For more information on saving the Monarch, please visit the following:

Fish and Wildlife, Save the Monarch

NEW! The Arboretum Research Fund

The Arboretum Research Fund is a brand new way to support research at The Arboretum by students of all ages through your generous donations! Allocated funds will be used to pay for student research and experiments that take place at The Arboretum, either using the Southwest Experimental Garden Array (SEGA) or other on-site resources. One exciting example is the on-going, long-term study of lichen by Ms. Susan Brown’s 7th graders at Northland Preparatory Academy. This study uses three different SEGA gardens along an elevation gradient, including The Arboretum, to examine how climate change is affecting lichen growth and reproduction. Donations can be made directly to The Arboretum at Flagstaff and must clearly indicate ARBORETUM RESEARCH FUND (#80920). Upon request, a tax-deductible receipt will be mailed to you. Potential users of the fund should contact Dr. Kristin Haskins, Director of Research, ( for more information.