Board Directors & Donors

2017 Board of Directors

Dr. Ingrid Lee, President

  • Dr. Amy Whipple, Vice President
  • Erin Creekmur, Secretary


  • Brad Garner
  • Dr. Peter Jolma
  • Christina Parry, Esq.
  • Steve Peru
  • Elizabeth Vogler
  • Ellen Wade

Lynne Nemeth, Executive Director

Honorary Members

  • Dr. William Doyle
  • Stanley Eisenberg
  • Dr. Rayma Sharber
  • Dr. James Wick


The Arboretum at Flagstaff recognizes all constituents who have donated to our organization over the last year. Date Range: 1/1/2015 to 1/31/2016

President’s Circle ($10,000+)

Clarence and Almeda Conrad Foundation
Flagstaff Arts Council
Michael and Karen Kitt
WL Gore & Associates

Director’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

Arizona Community Foundation
Center for Plant Conservation
Full Circle Trade and Thrift
Loven Contracting-Mike Loven
Peter and Cathy Jolma
The Snider Charitable Fund

Horticulturist ($2,500-$4,999)

Dorrance Scholarship Program
Brad Garner
Celia and Richard Holm
Kenneth and Dorothy Lamm
Warner’s Nursery & Landscape Company

Partner ($1,000-$2,499)

Sandy Berry
Thomas Bevers and Darlene Lee
Robert and Judith Braudy
Harry Easton
Environmental Fund for Arizona
Otto and Galina Franz
Paul Heinrich and Amy Whipple
John and Rebecca Hildebrand
Ingrid Lee
Tim and Shari Miller
Robert and Julia Millis
Lanny Morrison and Lynne Nemeth
David and Kimberly Paul
Barbara Phillips
Thomas and Kay Whitham

Patron ($500-$999)

Chuck and Nancy Bene
Bookman’s Flagstaff
Coco’s Restaurant
Margaret Dinan
Flagstaff Medical Center
Flagstaff Neurosurgery
Marilyn Hanna
Maury Herman and Karen Kinne-Herman
Mark and Bonnie Howard
Roabie and Jerry Johnson
David K. Maren and Nita Garland
Morning Dew Landscaping
Oxendale Auto Group
Charles and Linda Redman
Henry Roe and Laura Merrick Roe
Priscilla Trowbridge
Vino Loco
Vora Financial Group
Norm and Jerene Watson
Wells Fargo Foundation

Donor ($250-$499)

Bill and Susan Altman
Kent and Jill Colbath
Glen and Karen Gieske
John and Ginger Giovale
Robert and Carol Gunnarson
Phil and Dani Hall
Phil and Diana Hall
Loren and Jan Haury
Patrice Horstman and Lillian Santamaria
Freeman Huber Law PLLC
Barry L. Lutz and Susanna Maxwell
Edward and Betty Marcus
Barry and Pat McEldowney
Kristie Miller
Richard and Ann Miller
Joan Mitrius
Don and Kathy Nelms
William and Elizabeth Nietmann
Peace Surplus
Jim and Lillian Reed
Bill and Alice Roe
David and Jeanne Sherry
Carolyn Sieg
Charlie Silver and Duffie Westheimer
Stan and Dawn Sutherland
T. Crawford Enterprises
Seldon Wasson
Louis Weinstein and Laura O’Hara
Nat and Jean White

In honor of Peter Jolma

Cathy Jolma
John and Janice Moore
Robin Patch
Marilyn Ronstadt
Kenneth Van Klestinec and Nina Ronstadt

Friend (up to $249)

Annette Avery
Donald and Jeanette Baker
Jim Novak and Ann Beck
Charles and Dolores Biggerstaff
Michael and Carmen Blank
Ken Walters and Cathi Borthwick
Lyman and Ann Brainerd
Tom Kolb and Hattie Braun
Sylvia Breakey
Barbara Carlile
Gay Chanler
Rich and Roz Clark
Stev and Cherryl Crnkovich
Mark Daniels and Rachel Billowitz
Jennifer Dierker
David and Mary Duncan
John and Cindy Edwards
Richard Eggleton and Jean Libby Brookins
Stan and Mitzi Eisenberg
Dixie Estes
Ana Flores
Mark and Victoria Foster
Robert Wirthlin and Wendy Franz
William and Carol Gaylord
Pat Ellsworth Stanley and Judith Getch
Bill and Sheryll Gibson
Danny and Melissa Giovale
Susan Golightly
Robert and Suzanne Golub
William Grabe and Fredericka Stoller
Aaron Green and Danielle Lawrence
Rosalinda Haddon
Elizabeth Harding
Mark and Ellen Harrison
Raymond and Karen Haskins
Tom and Dorlee Henderson
Veronica Heron
Connie Hiemenz
John and Julie Holmes
Clifford and Patricia Holtz
Eugenia Horstman
Marie Jackson
Jay’s Bird Barn
Ken Kaemmerle and Linda Guarino
Alan and Cynthia Katte
Richard and Claire Kersey
Roland and Judy Kohl
Jorie Kollauf
Carol Kruse
Clare and Max Licher
Margaret Lyneis
Joan Mack
Richard and Elna Manges
Ronald and Sandra Matz
Barry and Pat McEldowney
Robert and Joette McKusick
Rodger and Jane Monson
John and Janice Moore
Kathy Munro
Don and Kathy Nelms
Kenneth Van Klestinec and Nina Ronstadt
John and Cheryl Ossenfort
Tom Parker and Kim Farinella
Arthur and Janice Phillips
James Pinto
Sue Pratt
Rebecca Price
Jim and Lillian Reed
McDonald Robinson
Sharon Ronstadt
Rich and Sue Rummel
Buck Sanford
Tom and Janie Scholes
James and Shirley Shea
Robin Silver
Earl and Gloria Slipher
Gerald and Michelle Snyder
David and Joan Steninger
John and Mary Stone
Lori Taniguchi
Karen Underhill
David and Bobbie Ursin
David and Ro Vaselaar
Elizabeth Vogler
Bradley Western
Susan Williams
Daniel Wood
Graham and Barbara Yarbrough
Kirk and Lori Young

In-kind Support

Mitch and Denice Arnett Photography
George Averbeck and Holly Gramm
A&M Forestry
Bookman’s Flagstaff
The Cottage Place
Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed
Gaun’s Tree Service
Joan Mack
Mick’s Tree Service
Northern Arizona Signs
Robinson Golf Cars
Shamrock Farms
Sprouts Farmers Market
Viola’s Flower Garden